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7 Things to Do Before Bed Time

01/31/2014 Back To Blog

It sounds strange hearing our grandparents telling us that they hardly gave any attention to door locks at their time and used to sleep with the windows wide open without fearing about their lives. Of course, criminal actions did not start with our generation and there were definitely serious problems even at the time of our grandparents' grandparents. Though, the needs of every society depend on various factors including the local crime rates, neighborhoods, size of the city and economic situation.

Crime has a long history, but the people of Marina del Rey just want to ensure that it won't knock on their door and for this reason prevention measures are always the smart thing to do. It is always recommended by locksmiths to have new lock installation to every door and window of the house every four or five years because it can keep families better protected with new high tech products. Once, you ensure good security door locks, you just have to make sure they are used properly every night.

7 steps before you go to sleep

  •     It is obvious that you must check all the doors and windows ensuring they are perfectly shut and locked. Of course, if something seems to be out of order, you must cover the problem with the shutters and engage on lock repair first thing in the following morning.
  •     If you have an alarm system and cameras, you must activate them.
  •     Make sure the car is parked in the garage and the garage door is properly shut and locked, too.
  •     Check the entry door that leads to the house from the garage. You should inspect the condition of these locks often and do lock change often to keep anyone who managed to penetrate into the garage from approaching your home.
  •     Ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked in all secondary rooms including the basement and attic.
  •     Keep the mobile next to you and an emergency phone on speed dial.
  •     Install lights in the yard and around the house.
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