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Keys and lock trouble?

Practical methods and smart tips to get rid of locksmith problems and keep safe.

Children and locks

It's not uncommon to find children getting locked in, especially in toilets or bathrooms. The best way to avoid this is not using a complicated lock system. Homeowners should use a basic bolt which is located high up on the door in such a place where children cannot access it.

Lock installation on your own

Although it may seem like an interesting project, installing a lock on your own is fine if you know enough about the techniques and equipments. However, locksmith Marina del Rey specialists advise DIY-ers to get our professionals to do a lock inspection post installation to check for reliability and safety standards.

Getting the right locks

When buying new locks, you need to determine the right size. You have to consider its position. Other factors like relative position to the window and its proximity to other doors should be considered according to the suggestions of Locksmith Marina Del Rey experts.

Don't get locked out

Take precautions to avoid a house lockout by taking care of keys and locks. Lubricate the lock periodically and try out replacement keys to avoid surprises. Our experts will also recommend having a second key in your purse just to be sure you'll get in alright.

Key replacement is key to swift unlocking

Keys need to be sharp in order for them to move the tumblers in your locks. If yours are starting to be amiss, it is probably time to replace the keys so you will never have to struggle opening your locks. Having new keys cut for your home, office, or automobile offers both security and convenience.

Never place car keys in the trunk

Do not put your car keys inside your car’s trunk, and make sure you didn't accidently drop them inside while getting groceries or luggage.

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