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How Many Locksmith Jokes It Takes To Make You Smile

01/31/2014 Back To Blog

You know how each occupation and profession come with certain stigma. So for example, firefighters have dangerous jobs, policemen have exciting jobs, comedians have hilarious jobs, missionaries have humanitarian jobs and so on. For locksmiths people tend to say that they have boring and dull jobs. Lots of people fail to notice the interesting component in changing the locks, working with highly sophisticated security systems, answering the late locksmith emergency calls, performing auto lockouts, bailing people from closed homes and apartments and so on. For this reason we have decided to reveal a fun side of locksmith business. You be the judge of how successfully did we do it!

Master key or just a shitty key

Two friends were arguing about the male- female relations and male female roles in society. Girl was arguing against the fact that boys that have lots of girls are considered hot shots and the girls that have the equal number of boys are considered slots. Boy replied with the following analogy: When one key opens lots of locks then that one key is called a master key but when one lock is opened with many keys then that same lock is considered to be a very shitty lock. Go figure!?

Luck or lock

The superior asked to his assistant: This weekend we are going abroad so please take care of the arrangements. Assistant immediately called her spouse and said: This week my manager and I are traveling abroad for work so please make sure to take care of yourself. Spouse immediately called his mistress and said: My wife is away this weekend so we can spend it together. Mistress made call to a small girl whom she was tutoring and said: This weekend I have some important errands so we won’t be having any classes. The girl called her grandma and said: Grandpa this week I have no classes so we can spend it together.

Grandpa who is at the same time the manager called his assistant to cancel the trip since he will spend the weekend with his granddaughter. The assistant called her spouse to tell him that the meeting has been canceled and that she will stay at home. The spouse immediately called the mistress to let her know his wife is not going on a trip. The mistress called the girl to let her know that the classes are on after all. The girl called the grandpa to let him know that she cannot come to stay with him since her classes are back on. The manager finally called his assistant to let her know that there will be a meeting after all and that she should make all the arrangements.

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